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Pride Sports Festival 2018 Made an Impact

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

On November 2018 Pride Sports Festival had its very first event in Perth, Western Australia. This event was the first opportunity of its kind in Perth, for the community to get involved in and celebrate what they love with who they love. Pride Sports festivals united the LGBTQI+ sporting community and spread the message that Sport Is for Everyone.

Pride Sports Festival Closing Ceremony 2018

In our founding year, the Pride Sports Festival helped celebrate that anyone can play sport.

Unfortunately, the LGBTQI+ community still faces discrimination within the sporting field and day to day life. With many of our athletes and participants feeling uncomfortable and unsafe participating in sporting groups or events. We wanted to change that and bring some hope back into the community, by bringing 7 different LGBTQI+ sporting groups together to celebrate the diverse community that we are a part of and provide an opportunity for our athletes to get involved in. We had a staggering 181 athletes from all different age groups, genders, sexual preferences and identities get involved in a sport.

“It felt good to break some gay stereotypes and showcase our abilities to the public. I believe these kind of events are actively helping to bridge the homophobia gap in sports.” - Anonymous

We wanted to redefine the way that the community looks at sport and help to break any negative experiences that have been faced in the past. This involved creating a space, environment and atmosphere that people would want to get involved in and be a part of. We had 3 food trucks, fully setup bar, live entertainment, drag queens, markets and 7 sports going on throughout the day to help create this atmosphere. We had a massive 72% of participants interested in signing up for a LGBTQI+ sporting team after the event, which was a huge success.

Casey Conway a NRL player and LGBTQI+ activist came down from Sydney to support the event and our athletes.

“It felt great to be involved in the kind of carnival that I previously thought I never would have been able to be apart of” - Anonymous

Pride Sports Festival made a huge impact in its first year and has helped to alter perceptions about sport within the community. Pride Sports Festival aims to expand and cater for more demographics, tastes and preferences. We look forward to announcing more information about Pride Sports Festival 2019 soon.

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