Building Confidence

The festival brings friends and families together, giving players the confidence to do things they would never have imaged. Through building confident communities, the festival strengthens participants' response to challenges, such as the increased rates of anxiety and depression the LGBTQI+ community faces.

Last Year's Success

 Pride Sports Festival 2018 brought the community together for the first event of its kind in Perth, WA. 


181 Athletes

500+ Spectators

"It felt good to break some gay stereotypes "

Including Everyone

The Festival champions fun and festivity, rather than best-on-field performances. There are prizes for the 'Best Team Goal Celebration' and 'Proudest Player', not just the savviest sportsperson. At half time, even the crowd can get involved and win a prize or two!

Meet The Team

Meet the dedicated and passionate team that helps to make Pride Sports Festival a success.


Sports Manager

Eva Setiadi


Simon Thuijs

Strategy Director

Drew Keating

Vice President and General Manager

Aaron Panzich


Alex McVey


Naomi Harding

Mitch Wylie

Partnerships Manager

Alex Burnett

Interstate Coordinator

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Contact Details

A:  8 Batavia Way, Salter Point, Western Australia, 6152


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Check Out Our Impact

Participation is a key value that we promote as we try to encourage and get the community involved with either a sport or the event. 

85% of Aussie sport participants have experienced or witnessed homophobia in a sporting environment (Out on the Fields Survey, 2015).

Pride Sports Festival showcases over seven different local clubs and their inclusive cultures, helping more people feel welcome on the field. We create an environment where the community feels welcome. 

It gave me hope for an inclusive world"

Let's Participate

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